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제어:CNC (Fanuc 16i)
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위치:South Carolina
환불 정책:30-일
₩38,069,400.00 KRW


무게:4500 lbs
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 16i)


Robodrill Alpha T21iD, New in 2004, 21 tool holder, Fanuc 16i control, 20,000 RPM spindle, thru spindle coolant (TSC) and Renishaw touch probe options. 4th axis ready (in fact had a 4th axis until recently.... drives and connections for same remain)

Excellent condition, aprox 10,400 program run hours. Ballscrew backlash offset parameter figures are the same as when new (original test sheets included) and tests with Mahr digital indicator show backlash is still +- 50 millionths within those original parameters in all 3 axis. Paint is 90 percent original.... the yellow door was repainted and new Lexan installed (slighty thicker than original due to inch vs metric Lexan specs). Note there was some rust middle of the table from the 4th axis fixture sitting there for years but it is smooth now and will not effect accuracy whatsoever. Also note there are no drill or mill marks in the table. Table is the same appearance under the vise as everywhere else.

Spindle excellent, nearly silent at 6,000 RPM and, assuming the tool is balanced for high speed, quiet as new at 20,000 RPM. Can take video upon request and post on Youtube.

Includes turret tooling as shown but does not include the new Orange vise (available if interested). 4th axis still shows on control but parameter has been changed so that control no longer "looks" for it, therefore zero errors and machine runs perfectly, ready to use. Note the TSC uses the same tank as the regular coolant....there are in/out lines welded to flange ready to place in the hole in the tank you see in photo of tank. TSC pump has been tested and works properly.

Voltage is 208 to 480 depending on how you connect the transformer on top. Includes manuals and paperwork as shown. Shipping prep (including the, rare for dealers, anti rust spray application !) and loading included at no extra charge.

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