BROTHER TC-S2DN드릴링 및 탭핑센터

형태:드릴링 및 탭핑센터
제어:CNC (CNC-B00)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...
위치:South Carolina
환불 정책:30-일
₩89,595,975.00 KRW


X:500.4 mm
Y:398.8 mm
Z:299.7 mm
동력:10.1 kW
분당 회전속도:10000 rpm
# ATC:14
테이퍼:7/24 #30
제어반:CNC (CNC-B00)



Brother TC-S2Dn new in 2012 with Nikken 5 axis attachment, new in 2013. 14 tool turret, 10,000 RPM spindle. Aprox 7,900 program run hours. Excellent condition. Voltage 208 to 480 depending on included transformer connections.

Shipping prep, including anti rust spray and loading, included at no extra charge. Can take video and post on Youtube or demo in house with some notice.

Note that similar year and hours 5 axis Robodrills are typically priced $20,000 more but the Brothers are made better really.... SS instead of plastic on turret, servo turret drive...that sort of thing.

Speaking of the servo turret, to those new to Brother, note that you must have a "D" machine or Speedio to get this....all previous generations of Brothers cannot skip stations and must briefly pass from tool stations 1,2,3,4,5, 6 to get to tool 7 for example, whereas the D and newer machines can rapid directly from 1 to 7. In other words, the "D" Brothers are way more desirable than previous models


Note we have another one of these 2012 Brother TC-S2Dn 5 axis, identical, only a few serial number digits different, almost same hours, but the Nikken attachment has two spindles rather than one. Even though the attachment is more expensive, it is slightly older (2009 rather than 2013) so would sell for the same price. Will get that one on eBay this week hopefully.

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