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Serial # :BRAND NEW
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Stock # :PM-833T
₩4,317,183.60 KRW


테이블 W:203.2 mm
테이블-L:838.2 mm
크로스방향 이동:279.4 mm
동력:1.5 kW

Extremely High Quality, Made in Taiwan
Model PM-833T
Table Size 8-1/4x33”
Table T Slot Size 5/8"
X Axis Travel 23-3/8” Max
Y Axis Travel 11” Max
Z Axis Travel (Head) 17-1/2” Max
Max. Distance, Spindle to Table 20-1/2” Max
Quill Travel 5”
Leadscrew Type Precision ACME Leadscrews
Leadscrew Pitch .100” (10 Threads Per Inch)
Dial Graduations .001”
Spindle Taper R8
Spindle Speed Range 60-1500, 6 steps
Speed Change Type Shift Lever
Spindle Bearing Type High Precision Tapered Roller Bearings, Fully Adjustable
Spindle Bearing Class C5
Main Motor H.P. 2 HP
Overall Height, to reach
Maximum top of Z Axis Travel
Height with head at normal
working height
Helght of Table Working
Surface, on stand
Front to back, rear of machine to
front of Y Axis Handle
Chip Tray Size (At top of base) 30" x 24-1/2"
Width X Axis Table Handles, Tip to Tip 41-3/4”
Machine Weight 1054 LBS
Main Motor Power 2HP
Voltage / Phase 220 Volt Single Phase Power
Warranty 5 Years


Typical Users:
 Industrial users looking for a top quality, bench type milling machine, built for industrial use,
with a smaller size compared with a full sized mill, to save space
 High end gunsmiths looking for a smaller bench type milling machine, who wish to maintain
the quality and features of a Taiwan made machine, but also want to save on space
 Users who appreciate a high end, bench type milling machine with the space saving
characteristics this offers
 Any other users who can appreciate a top quality machine with full features and no shortcuts, in
a smaller space-saving size, at a very reasonable price for the level of quality that you are
Main High Quality Features:
 High Grade Castings
 Head Swivels 90 degrees Left and Right for angled milling / drilling operations
 Hand Scraped way Surfaces for better oil retention and fit, while leads to ultra smooth table
movements, and very accurate movements
 One Shot Lubrication system is standard equipment, which also extends machine life, and
reduces oiling times of all way surfaces and lead screws to seconds, it is accomplished by
simply pumping a lever
 High precision Inch Pitch lead screws, for ease of use and greater accuracy (10 TPI Screws)
 High Precision Spindle with +/- .0002” or less runout for greater tool life and accuracy
 Balanced gears in head for smooth and quiet operation, Hardened and Precision Ground for
long life, and extremely quiet running for a geared head machine
 Precision Honed Quill Bore for tighter tolerance fit, which leads to improved accuracy when
drilling and precision boring
 The Quill is Precision Ground, for higher accuracy
 No belts to change, simply stop and move levers for speed changes, quick and easy
 Tolerance Test check, each machine is checked for accuracy through a careful inspection
process before shipment, the customer can always be sure they will receive a top quality
machine that exceeds their expectations
 Longest in class 5 YEAR WARRANTY against defective parts, including electrical (excludes
normal wear items)


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