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Equipped with (buyer to verify details):
Edge C-332 Magazine Barfeeder, s/n C2201442236 w/ 34MM Channel
32MM Pusher, Telescoping Nose, Remnant Retract, Remnant Tray
Sliding Headstock Mechanism, Linkage for Sliding Headstock
CoolBlaster CB510 High Pressure Coolant System w/Splash Guard
LNS Micro Chip Conveyor #57508124, s/n 13575000865
C-Axis on Main & Sub Spindles
Live Tool Gearbox Auto Lube System
RS-232 Port w/Ethernet Adapter
Sub Micron/Sub Inch Option
Cutoff Tool Breakage Detector
Parts Conveyor
Fire Suppression System by Firetrace
Rotary Guide Bushing
(3) GSC 1310 Rotary Cross Drill
(1) Jarvis LTR0189 Rotary Face Mill/Drill (Axial)
Misc Wrenches
Work Light
All Available Manuals

General Specification As Per Brochure:
CNC Control: Fanuc w/RS232
Maximum Machining Diameter: 32mm
Maximum Machining Length: 320mm
Main Spindle Speeds: 8000 Max RPM
Main Spindle Indexing: C-Axis
Back Spindle Speeds: 8000 Max RPM
Sub-Spindle Indexing: C-Axis
Rotary Tool Speeds: 5000 Max RPM
Back Spindle Max Chucking Diameter: 32mm
Turning Tools: 10 Turning Tool Stations
(6 Static, 3 Live)
Rotary (Live) Tools: 4 Live Tool Stations
Front & Back Working Tools: 5 Stations
Back Endworking Tools: 5 Stations (4 live + 1 fixed)

or combo

Cutting Tool Shank/Sleeve Size: 24.5mm
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z): (45m/min X2,Y1,Z1,Z2)(32m/min X1)
Main Spindle Drive: 7.5 KW
Back Spindle Drive: 3.7 KW
Rotary Tool Drive: 1 KW
Electrics: 220 Volt 3 Phase 64 Amps 15KVA

Machine: 108 1/2" x 53 1/2" x 70" 7,700 lbs
Chip Conveyor w/tank: 116" x 51 1/2" x 54" 2,500 lbs
Cool Blaster Unit: 46 1/2" x 31" x 26 1/2" 750 lbs
Barfeed: 186" x 26" x 51" 2,500 lbs


Citizen A32VII, 1 1/4", FANUC, 2014, Edge C-332 Barfeed, High Pressure Coolant

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