AKYAPAK AFD10빔/드릴 라인

형태:빔/드릴 라인
조건:새로운에서 주식
Stock # :jswod


동력:15 hp
분당 회전속도:4,500 RPM
무게:20,000 lbs
제어반:CNC (Mitsubishi )

Control Mitsubishi
16 station automatic tool changer Included
Chip conveyor Included
Tool and material measurement Included
Scribing tool Included
Safety barriers Included
DOT marking unit Option
Initial drilling package Option
Countersinking unit Ask for price


Advanced technology from AKYAPAK for flange drilling machine for steel structural works with high speed and high processing performance, also quality with AFD10 up to 1000X1500mm size materials.

AFD10 Flange dirlling machines are the products that have been designed with highest technologies by 50 years experience which is able to drill, tap and mark the plates. All the movement are made by CNC.

Main body is welded stell construction and all parts are heat treated for stress relief.

AFD10 CNC flange drillin machine is able to drill 6 to 80mm thickness at its own working area. Material is driven on the table with balls by fixing with hydraulic clamping jaws. Then material is positioned to the coordinates for drilling by CNC program and drilling operations is done. Hardened hydraulic jaws with piston helps to fix material to prevent faults. Afd 10 flange drilling machine is able to drill, tap, mill, mark with scribing and mark with dot (optional).

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