AKYAPAK APK 101파이프, 튜브 및 바 벤더

모델:APK 101
형태:파이프, 튜브 및 바 벤더
조건:새로운에서 주식
Stock # :js


용량:4 "

Standard Equipments

• Machine body is steel (ST-52) construction
• On APK 101, APK 121 and 150 rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor + planetry
gearbox and gears
• Shafts made of special steel, hardened and grounded
• On APK 101 guide rolls are in one direction manual adjustable
• APK 121 and 150 guide rolls are in two directions hydraulic adjustable
• One set standard rolls
• Manual lubrication
• Lower rolls hydraulic moveable up and down
• Digital display for lower rolls
• Separate and moveable control panel
• Horizontal & vertical working
• 400 Volt / 50 hz
• Suitable for CE, ISO 9001-2008, TSEK and TURQUM certificates

Optional Equipments

• Special rolls for tubes, profiles and angles
• Special mechanic guide Rolls for bending angles (for APK 101)
• Special tooling sysems for bending U,I,H profiles
• Spiral bending device
• Variable speed of rotation
• Hydraulic adjustable guide rolls in two directions (for APK 101)
• Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
• NC Playback Control System
• CNC Graphic Control System


This line of bending machines can bend many different types of stock and comes in many different configurations. Please inquire us about your needs and we will find the best machine for you.

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