AKYAPAK HR 10 TN용접 터닝 롤

모델:HR 10 TN
형태:용접 터닝 롤
조건:새로운에서 주식
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Standard Features:
remote control with 5 meter cable.

adjusting the handle rope and desired angle (hydraulic).
easy to use hydraulic lifting unit.
drive system with hydro motor.


Akyapak's HR10000 Rope Beam Rotator has a 10 ton capacity. The purpose of Rope Rotators is rotating and positioning pieces that have a planar section. Required welding edge can be created by realizing positioning according to the rotated part on an endless rope. It is possible to adjust the height of the piece placed on the machine. This provides convenience to the operator during welding.

The product comprises of housing, rope drive systems, electrical panel and remote controlled operator unit and provides the best structural protection. Measures have been taken against the carrier with a lift rope break. Even if bobbin carrier part of the elevator rope overlaps, the operator or the machine will not damage any area. Operators can rotate the pieces mounted on the rope clockwise or counterclockwise, precisely, well-aligned and easily. They can also be moved downward – upward to provide the desired height. Rope rotator set comprises of 2 driven units. Number of units can be increased according to the application and weight conditions.

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