SANJIA TGK2136깊은 구멍 훈련

형태:깊은 구멍 훈련
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드릴링 직경:100 mm
깊이 드릴링:9,000 mm

2.1 drilling dia—————————————Φ40~Φ120mm
2.2 boring dia ————————————Φ70~Φ360mm
2.3 drilling depth ——————————————— 9000mm
2.4 length of job———————————————— 9000mm
2.5 trepanning dia—————————————Φ70~Φ300mm
2.6 chuck dia of job—————————— Φ50~Φ600mm
2.7 dia of steady rest ——————————Φ60~Φ450mm
2.8 dia of job support—————————— Φ60~Φ450mm
2.9 load bearing —————————————10 t
2.10 center of height spindle————————————500mm
2.11 speed of spindle ————4~600r/min ;4shifts ,infinite
Drill box
2.12 spindle bore ————————————Φ100mm
2.13 spindle taper hole——————————Φ120mm 1:20
2.14 speed of spindle——————4~600r/min ;6 shifts ,infinite
Feed system
2.15 feed speed ——————————5~3000mm/min ;infinite
2.16 rapid speed —————————————— 3m/min
2.17 Main motor power ————————————————71kW
2.18 power of drill motor————————————————55Kw
2.19 Z axis feed motor ————————————————7.7Kw 48Nm
2.20 X axis feed motor ————————————————1.9Kw 11Nm
2.21 hydraulic motor power——————————————1.5kW
2.22 pressure head moving motor———————————5.2kW 36Nm
2.23 cooling pump power () ————————————22kW×2
2.24 Steady rest motor 2.2kw x2
2.25 Total power 194kw
Ohters :
2.26 guide way width ————————————800mm
2.27 Rated coolant pressure———————————— 2.5Mpa
2.28 coolant ——————————100-1000 L/mim ajustable
2.29 Rate presure of hydraulic ————————————6.3Mpa
2.30 Pressure head maximum axial force beared —————68KN
2.31 Pressure head maximum push force to job —————20KN
2.32 Machine Dimesion ————————————17.5X4.8X2.1 m
2.34 CNC system ———————————— Siemens 828D


It is a kind of widely used deep hole processing equipment with high Accuracy and rigid and strong machine bed. The range of spindle rotation speed is large and feeding system is driven by AC servo motor so that it can be used for every kind of deep hole processing. Sealing head and workpiece clampig have stable hydraulic advice
The function of machine as : solid boring, trepanning, pull boring, push boring, skiving and roller burnishing, bottle boring,
The machine tool for deep hole drilling machine can be completed, deep hole drilling, boring (push and pull boring ), skiving and roller burnishing and trepanning. Suitable for drilling hole processing in maximum diameter 250mm, maximum diameter of 360mm and length of 5000mm boring workpiece.
The machine tool is equipped with X axis AC servo motor, through the reducer, special tool bar and tool, which can realize the requirement of deep hole bottle boring .
Widely used in oil cylinder industry, military industry and other industries of deep hole parts processing.

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