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This is a used Amada Hyper Easy Cut system for sale in good working condition. This unit came with a used Amada Laser Punch press that we purchased. Below is general information and specs of the unit.

The HYPER-EASY CUT System is an air-processing system that controls the compressed air used as assist gas in a laser cutting machine and suppresses the generation of dross resulting from the use of air as the assist gas.

The HYPER-EASY CUT System has two HYPER-EASY CUT modules in series. In each module is a membrane element consisting of a large number of high-pressure, hollow-fiber membranes, especially selected for laser assist gas and bundled together with their ends fastened to resin flanges. The high-pressure, hollow-fiber membranes separate the air molecules and generate the assist gas for laser applications. The compressed air supplied to the HYPER-EASY CUT System first enters the air-feed inlet for the HYPER-EASY CUT module. The air then flows into the inside of each high-pressure, hollow-fiber membrane. As the compressed air travels the inside of a hollow membrane, the components of the air that are unnecessary for the HYPER-EASY CUT process are selectively allowed to pass through the wall (membrane) of the hollow fiber. The assist gas required in the HYPER-EASY CUT process emerges at the exit end of the hollow fiber, meaning the discharge end of the HYPER-EASY CUT module.

Hyper-Easy Cut Module
Type: Hyper Version
Capacity: 10 L
Maximum Pressure: 1.4 MPa

Built In Air Tank
Capacity: 11 L
Maximum Pressure: 1.4 MPa

Power Source: DC 24V (Supplied by the cutting machine)
Compression Method: Screw Type
Oil Content in air: 3 Mg3/m3, maximum
Supply-air temperature range: 5 to 45 degrees C
Required flow rate 1300 NL/min., minimum

Kaeser Compressor
Make: Kaeser
Model: ASD 30 T
Year: 2009
Serial: 1016
Voltage: 575Y/332 (Special Transformer will be needed, please check with your Electrician)
Made in Germany

Operators and Pre-Install Manuals available in PD format.

Cashiers Checks accepted at the time of pickup. If paying by Paypal then buyer is responsible for applicable fees that Paypal charges to complete the transaction. Buyer responsible to pick up this machine from our warehouse in Chatsworth, CA. Few arrangements and assistance within our limitations can be made where possible. Feel free to ask any questions, your query will be responded promptly. Reasonable Offer welcome.