SANJIA ZSK2110B깊은 구멍 훈련

형태:깊은 구멍 훈련
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (fanuc or Siemens)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


드릴링 직경:100 mm
깊이 드릴링:20,000 mm
제어반:CNC (fanuc or Siemens)

1) Drilling Diametner: Ф40-100mm。
2) Max boring diameter: Ф250mm。
3) Drilling/boring depth: 9m、10m 11m 12m、13m、14m、15m。
4) Spindle center height: 350mm。
5) Feed speed(infinite): 10-500mm/min
6) Rapid speed: 2m/min
7) volume of coolant: 100 、200、300、400L/min
8) Rated pressure of cooling system 2.5MPa
9) Main motor: 30KW
10) Drilling box power: 22KW
11) Cooling pump power: 5.5x4=22KW
12) Feed motor power: 4.4KW


1) This machine can finish inner hole drilling and boring of oil collar.
2) This machine can finish trepanning with special tools and tools bar after siutable re-building.
3) This machine has headstock and drilling box, tools and workpiece can rotate counterly or just tool rotates or just workpiece rotates.
4) In drilling processing, the workpiece rotates slowly, the tool rotates qucikly and feed, cutting fluid go into cutting area through sealing head(when drilling) to cool and lubricate the cutting area and take the chips away .
5) When boring cutting fluid moves to bed head side through boring bar and then take away cutting fluid and chips .
6) The workpiece can be drillied directly after straightness (straightness less than 2 mm), it is no need to machine outside circle and end face so this will save aid working time.

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