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제어:CNC (Agievision 5)
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Stock # :0584


X-축 이동:349.8 mm
Y-축 이동:249.9 mm
Z-축 이동:254 mm
자동나사 내기(예/아니오):Yes
치수:87" x 87" x 87.5"
무게:6,380 Lbs
제어반:CNC (Agievision 5)

* Agievision 5 Windows-Based CNC Controller
* Submerged Machining
* Agiejet Auto Wire Threader w/FastThread
* IPG-V High-Speed Generator
* Small Wire Extension Kit .003" & .004"
* R-module Fine Finish Circuitry
* Front Manual Drop Door
* Pieceinsert (Software for Emergency Jobs)
* Dynamic Corner Control
* Variocut (Auto Thickness Power Compensation)
* Four Sided Zero-line Stainless Steel Table
* Agie Purecut (AE Power for Carbide, Titanium, Etc)
* Wash Gun
* 8 Filter Dual Filtration System
* Agiejogger (Advanced Hand Control)
* Usersequence (On-the-fly Cut Sequencing)
* Contact Manager (Remote Monitoring Software)
* Isolation Transformer
* All Available Manuals and Accessories

** Table Tooling and Resin Bottle Pictured are NOT Included


Key Points:
* Four sided table with universal clamping frame.
* Wire sizes ranging from 0.003" - 0.013". Finishes of 0.2 Ra.
* IPG-V Generator has 2 power modules and a modern design and technology that delivers finer spark gap for better part geometry and surface finish. It also has low power consumption and takes up a minimum amount of space.
* AgieJogger, a handy, manual operations hand box. Use it for set up functions, axis movements, cycle start/stop and emergency stop.
* Usersequence control feature allows the operator to define machining sequences (steps) independent of the CAM program. It allows the operator to freely choose and optimize the erosion steps between multiple parts and/or geometries.
* Pieceinsert control feature allows the "pausing" of a job in progress in order to "insert" and machine another (emergency) workpiece, with the click of a mouse. When finished, you can automatically return to the exact point where the previous job was paused and "resume" erosion.
* Contact Manager - Access your GF AgieCharmilles EDM off-line through the standard Ethernet connection. This unique feature enables the user to monitor or run the Agie system from a remote location. It also provides for real time support from the OEM applications and service agent.

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