DOALL C3350수평 밴드 톱

형태:수평 밴드 톱
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위치:North Carolina
Stock # :14753
₩39,768,318.00 KRW


사각 - 능력(높이):330.2 mm
직사각형 - 능역(폭):330.2 mm
원형 - 능력:330.2 mm
동력:7.5 kW
타입 (자동, 매뉴얼, 혼합) :Auto
블레이드 폭:38.1 mm

2006 DoAll C3350NC rebuilt 2013 by doall
13" x 13"
1"-1/2 Blade

Dual columns for saw head mounting with linear
rails and trucks on guide columns
3 degree head cant
Spring-loaded, zero clearance, carbide - faced
saw guides with lead-in roller on both guide
Coolant is applied through saw guide arms and
flushing hose
Automatic work height sensor
Pressure and rate controlled head feed
Hydraulic band tension
Saw head rapid approach control
Saw enclosure provides additional operator
safety and contains more chips and coolant
NC controls with operator display & interface
Rapid travel index vice control
Band break switch
Hydraulic motor driven band brush
Programmable cut length w/digital readout
Outboard front vice reduces remnant ends
Out of stock sensor
Automatic multi-index
Automatic band-kerf compensation
Random cut positioning
Band door interlocks
Display showing band motor amps load draw
Blade guards
Powered chip conveyor
was 60K new!
Only one one set of conveyors.

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