CORIMPEX CB-HH-2C용접 메니플레이터

형태:용접 메니플레이터
조건:중고 - 우수
Serial # :338/08
$76,497.59 USD


열 수직 높이:13.78 '
붐 길이:13.12 '

CB-HH-2C 3 x 2 based on the following components:

No. 1 Medium duty steel fabricated column with a manual slewing ring provided with Raising and Lowering
saddle powered by braked motor-gear chain/pinion drive.
The slewing ring is bolted in a steel basement provided of 4 wheels for the longitudinal travel.
The traversing on the rails is realized by an variable speed AC motor – gear with Taco-generator to
ensure a constant speed even at low revolution of the motor.

- Max. Height of the column from the floor : 4200 mm
- Max. Height under the boom : 3000 mm
- Boom vertical raising/lowering speed : 1000mm/min
- Base track gauge : 1800 mm
- Max. torches height from the floor level : 2000 mm
- Max. carriages horizontal travel : 2000 mm
- Max.vertical dimension arms (with welding heads) : 1200mm
- Column rotation : 360° manually
- longitudinal speed range of the base
traversing on the rails : 0.3 - 3 m/min
- servo-cooling of the motor : by independent electric fan to ensure a constant
cooling at different speed.
- base speed control : by Taco-generator fitted on the motor shaft.
- base speed indicator : by digital display with red figures connected to
the Taco-generator.
- Base fast speed : existing
- Base synchronization traversing while welding: existing
- Welding process : Submerged arc Single wire DC 1000-NA3.


The machinery was bought in 2008 and worked totally for 1month.You can see from the photos that the machine is almost new. It is equiped with 2 LINCOLN 1000A and cover space almost 4000x12000.The travel length can be 30m if the suply is in the middle of the travel. Also
is not showed in the photos it has also equiped with hydraylic presses
that stabilises the item on the table.