BLANCHARD 18D-42로타리 표면 그라인더

형태:로타리 표면 그라인더
조건:중고 - 우수
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척 직경:1,067 mm
동력:37.3 kW
스윙:1,219 mm
휠 아래:457.2 mm
연마 휠 폭:457.2 mm
연마 휠 직경:558.8 mm
무게:14,000 Lbs.

Blanchard 18D-42 Grinder 42" chuck

Blanchard 18D
Serial No. 11300
Age: 1964
Condition: Re-Worked

Blanchard Vertical Rotary Wet grinder, 18D, 42" Chuck diameter

Specification Description
Chuck Diameter 42"
Max Swing inside guards 48" +
Max. vertical height of work 18"
Grinding wheel size 18"
Type of grinder wheel Segmented
Grinding wheel speed NA
Table ( Chuck Speeds) No./ range [6] 6,9,12,18,25&33 RPM
Auto Downfeed increments per minute 0 to 0.80 thousands per minute
Spindle Motor H.P. 50 hp 220/440
head elevation and downfeed 2 H.P.
Approx. weight 14,000 lbs.
Chuck Life 1/2"
Dry Base Outside Coolant Plan With Pump

Equipped With:
Segmented wheel, Outside Coolant system, approx. 1/2" chuck life. Electro magnetic chuck with nutrifier, Load meter, lubrication system, wheel dresser and all available manuals

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