BURKLE E-LAPV 2344-1라미네이터

모델:E-LAPV 2344-1
Serial # :0129860130
공매:Dow Chemical
판매자:Hilco Industrial
Stock # :Lot: 186


"e.a.s.y Lam2344-1" Line, consisting of: (2) Hot Presses, 2300x4400mm Usable Area Platens, 450mm Max Stroke, 200mm Adjustable Opening Width, 180 Degree C Max Temp, Thermal Oil Heat, (2) Hot Oil Systems, 96kW Heating Power, Vacuum Membrane, (1) Cold Press, 2300x4400mm Usable Area Platen, 250mm Max Stroke, 100mm Opening Width, Water Cooling, Operating Station with PC Control, Hydraulic Unit, Inffed & Outfeed Conveyor, Busch Cobra NC400B 9.5kW Vacuum Pump, Manuals, Mezzanine, Guarding (Located in Bldg 1870)

판매자에 대해

Hilco IndustrialHilco Industrial, a leader in industrial asset repositioning, offers companies and their lenders proven systems for delivering higher recovery values. Hilco Industrial conducts more than 100 machinery and equipment auctions and orderly liquidations per year covering the broadest spectrum of industries, company types and levels of technology. Our corporate lineage spans more than 50 years, and in that time we have repositioned assets valued at more than $3 billion.
회사:Hilco Industrial
주소:50 Monroe Ave. NW
Suite 450
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
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