COMPAIR ZAHORI 1206트랙터 및 트레일러

모델:ZAHORI 1206
형태:트랙터 및 트레일러
조건:중고 - 좋은
위치:Castilla y Leon
Stock # :L1 Perforadora MULTI10


치수:10915 mm. x 2500 mm. x 4000
무게:16500 kg.

Reverse circulation rotary drilling rig mounted on semi-trailer FRUEHAUF type D 32 C, with registration number SG-00865-R. Hydraulic machine for water well drilling. Able to perform reverse circulation soundings and to make wells of 500 meters and 20 inches diameter. Capable to work with mud pump and to reach 700 m depth with 3.1/2 inches drilling string. The machine is also able to perform percussion drilling with DTH hammer, using 8, 10 and 12 inches hammers. All this according to the options with which the drilling rig is equipped. Specifications: Drilling pipe length: 6 meters. Feeding system by hydraulic cylinder and winch, maximum pulling capacity 45.000 kg. Rotary head with continuous rotation torque 12.000 Nm. at any speed. Hydraulically adjustable speed between 13 and 72 rpm. Head inside passage 120 mm. to be able to use in Reverse Circulation. Rotary drilling rig dimensions: Length 10.915 mm., Width 2.500 mm. and Height 4.000 mm., according to transport vehicle. Weight 16.500 kg. drilling machine only. Trailer tare 19.930 Kg. and maximum authorized mass 29.500 Kg. Lot located in Cuéllar, Segovia (Spain).