CHICAGO DREIS & KRUMP HBPU 412-6손가락 등 박스 및 팬 브레이크

모델:HBPU 412-6
형태:손가락 등 박스 및 팬 브레이크
Serial # :328981T
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...
위치:South Carolina
Stock # :UD100369


용량(게이지):12 gauge
전체 길이:1.2 m
치수:78"L x 48"W x 54"H
무게:2800 (LBS)

Dreis & Krump “CHICAGO” HBPU 412-6 Hydraulic Powered Box & Pan Brake, S/N 328981T


Capacity, mild steel 12 gauge **
Capacity, stainless 16 gauge **
Bending length 48”
Finger extension depth 6”
Number and width of fingers 5 ea - 3”, 2 ea - 4”, 5 ea- 5” Motor HP 2 HP
Voltage 220/440/3/60
Shipping Weight, estimate 2,700 pounds

Equipment with - Removable Nose Bars, Angle Bar, Bolted Bottom Bar, ½” Insert Bar, Compact Hydraulic Power Unit, Oil Level Sight Gauge

Control panel features - On/Off Key Selector Switch, Motor Start Pushbutton, Bending Leaf Up/Down Pushbuttons, Emergency Stop P/B, Clamp/Unclamp Pushbuttons, Automatic Cycle P/B

Electric foot switch - Clamps & Unclamps Top Leaf for operator loading and unloading material.

Bend angle dial adjustment - Adjustable cam and scale that reads in degrees, actuates an electric limit switch for bend angle control and repeatability of bends.

Back gauge - 25-½” rack & pinion travel w/ hand wheel (Inch/Metric Scale)

Inch control - Bending leaf up/down pushbuttons allow operator control of the leaf bend motion.

Automatic cycle - Actuating the “Automatic Pushbutton” clamps the top leaf, raises the bending leaf to the preset bend angle dial adjustment setting, lowers the bending leaf, un clamps the top leaf.

** The bending capacity of the brake is achieved when using the angle bar in the high position and forming a 1” minimum flange on capacity material. Use of the ½” insert bar with the angle bar in the low position reduces the capacity of the brake four gauges. Use of a optional ¼” insert bar with the angle bar in the low position reduces the capacity of the brake seven gauges.

Replacement as of 9/2016 $ 14,700.00

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