ACRA 2180C엔진 선반

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위치:New Hampshire
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스윙:533.4 mm
중심:2,032 mm
스핀들 보어:79.38 mm
동력:9.3 kW
분당 회전속도:1600 rpm
슬라이드 위 스윙:355.6 mm

General Info
Location Houston TX
Brand Acra
Model 2180C
Year Late 1990's

21” x 80” Acra (Taiwan) Engine Lathe model 2180C
Taper Attachments
15" Manual 3-Jaw SCA Chuck
Foot Brake
Aloris Tool Poast & Holder
3-1/8" Hole thru the spindle
Swing: 21"
Power: 12.5 hp
Centers: 80"
Spindle Bore: 3.125"
RPM: 1600 rpm
Swing Over Cross Slide: 14"


Machine is in working condition and was new in the late 1990's. Taper, trav-a-dail, 16" manual 3-jaw SCA chuck and this unit has provide a lot of value for a long period of time. Live demonstrations can be arranged and specifications are above, but can also be found, with some more details, below. This unit is being sold as is but you do not need to worry about getting it onto a truck - we'll do all the loading for you. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible!

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