DOOSAN PUMA 2600SY5 축 이상 CNC 선반

모델:PUMA 2600SY
형태:5 축 이상 CNC 선반
제어:CNC (Fanuc 31iTD)
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₩170,403,180.00 KRW


척크기:254 mm
바 용량:85.85 mm
동력:22.4 kW
최대 RPM:4500 rpm
터닝 직경:375.9 mm
스윙:629.9 mm
가공 길이:1,104 mm
무게:14,220 Lbs
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 31iTD)


Very well cared for Puma 2600SY bought in 2014. Many live toolholders- 1 WTO Z axis with 4 spindles, 1 WTO X axis with 2 spindles, 2 WTO single spindle X axis, 2 Eppinger single spindle X axis, 1 Eppinger single spindle Z axis.

Main spindle S26 dead length collet chuck, 3J subspindle dead length chuck. Includes 10" main spindle 3 jaw and 8" sub spindle 3 jaw chucks. 3" main spindle bore.

High pressure 175 PSI coolant option, barfeed interface, Hennig chip conveyor. Low hours 2266 hrs run time, 1227 cutting time. Glass scales on X axis for super accuracy.

Y axis milling allows a multitude of parts to be made in one operation!

Machine is under power and making parts. Contact John at 229 686 8274 to schedule an appointment to view the machine or to arrange shipping and rigging. Payment by wire transfer only.

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