형태:CNC 선반
제어:CNC (HAAS 32 BIT)
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척크기:210.8 mm
바 용량:50.8 mm
동력:14.9 kW
최대 RPM:5000 rpm
터닝 직경:261.6 mm
스윙:584.2 mm
가공 길이:609.6 mm
심 압대:Yes
라이브 공구:No
서브 스핀들:No
치수:126.5" x 62" x 72"
제어반:CNC (HAAS 32 BIT)

Fully Programmable Tailstock
Chip Conveyor - Side Exit Belt Type
8.3" Diameter 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
High Intensity Lighting
Rigid Tapping
RS 232 Port Interface
All Available Manuals
All Available Tooling


The Haas SL-20T is a 2 axis lathe. The "T" used in the machine description references that it offers a tailstock on the machine. This is commonly a 8.25" hydraulic chuck machine that offers great flexibility for all sizes of shops. It would make a perfect fit whether it were to be in a smaller job shop, or a larger production oriented parts producer.

The SL-20T is a machine that is thought to have replaced the original Haas HL-2 series lathe which was also prone to generally use a 8" chuck. They use a rigid cast iron base as its foundation and for all its major components. The castings are reinforced internally with heavy ribs to resist flex and dampen vibrations. The symmetric ribs are used to increase rigidity and improve thermal stability. The SL series offers three types of turrets, the most common bolt-on type, which uses bolt on blocks to the OD of the turret, the optional VDI style, which uses ID locations, and the hybrid type, which uses both ID and OD locations. The SL-20T uses a vector spindle drive and was available with a 2 speed geared head option. They used linear guide railways for high accuracy and repeatability. The SL-20T was offered with a variety of options including, but not limited to, chip auger or conveyor, parts catcher, tool presetter, barfeeder, automatic door, remote jog handle and more. The SL-20 first made its appearance on the market in the later 1990's and was produced for roughly 10 years before being replaced by a newer model.

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