HEM 1200A수평 밴드 톱

형태:수평 밴드 톱
조건:중고 - 좋은
Serial # :277388
환불 정책:30-일
Stock # :12678
$14,500.00 USD


사각 - 능력(높이):14 "
직사각형 - 능역(폭):16 "
원형 - 능력:14 "
사각 - 능력:14 "
동력:5 hp
타입 (자동, 매뉴얼, 혼합) :Semi
블레이드 폭:1.25 "
블레이드 두께:0.042 "
블레이드 길이:15 '
무게:5100 (LBS)

Motor RPM: .............. 1800
Feed Rate: .............. 0-3" Per second (adjustable)
Cutting Pressure: ....... 0-1,000 lbs (adjustable)
Clamping Pressure: ...... 0-1,500 lLbs (adjustable)


Control Console is located on top of Saw Arm.
Saw may be operated in semi-automatic mode or
fully automatic mode.

Equipped With:
Blade Drive: 5 Horse power, 220/440V AC 3 Phase, 1800 rpm,
ball bearing TFC.

Blade Guide System-Side and back guides are flat carbide inserts

Built-In Coolant System with high pressure sealed coolant pump
(Coolant is dispensed through both guide arms on either side of the cut

Automatic Shut off: Saw will automaticlly shut off if the
blade breaks, or when the automatic feed system is out of stock,
or when the pre-determined number has been cut

Power Brush: Shaft driven brush removes chips from the blade.

Automatic Barfeed: Automatic floating shuttle vise feed system
with additional rollers, prevents binding of
crooked and distored material. 10' long table with
load capacity of 4,000 lbs.

Discharge Table: For material handling after the cut.
The table is 48" in length and solid plate. Table is bolted to
the machine and is fully coolant panned to return coolant to the machine.

Air Requirements: 85 PSI, 4-6 CP, (during indexing),
equipped with air filter and lubricator.

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