HURTH CNC ZK 10치절 챔퍼링머신

모델:CNC ZK 10
형태:치절 챔퍼링머신
제어:CNC (Siemens 828D)
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제어반:CNC (Siemens 828D)

we wish to bring to your notice the advantages of our Hurth ZK10 chamfering machine which we have converted into CNC .
The CNC control used is Siemens 828D and The advantages are as follows :

1. Instead fixed stroke length (old: 8/12/17mm), we can set now variable up to 100mm traverse of X-axis (stroking axis)

2. Minimum No. of strokes limit removed now (limit was 30-strokes)

3. Minimum no. of teeth limit removed now (limit was 6-teeth) Now it can be possible as little as one tooth.

4. Maximum no. of teeth limit removed now (limit was 200-teeth) Now it can be possible from 1-360 teeth.

5 No index plate is required as this is controlled by “C” axis controlled by servo motor. CNC indexing offers much higher accuracy. Indexing correction is now possible from screen table -2.0 to +2.0 degree during production without changing mechanical setting.

6. Cutter spindle RPM limit increased (old: 2800rpm with two speed stage of motor) Now it is variable. At present set 3000rpm which can also be increased as per Spindle head capacity.

7. Knee table movement (In/OUT) setting is motorized as we have fitted a Gearbox motor which can be operated from machine operator control panel thus reducing setting time.

8 Automatic Job clamp/unclamp is it selectable from CNC screen data table making it more user friendly.

9 In-feed slide (stroking slide) was on Cam operating mechanism and now it is an axis which is operated by CNC servo motor so In-feed accuracy is much higher

10. Earlier m/c was conventional and mechanical and now it is removed by cnc servo axes so old mechanism maintenance is removed.

The CNC control used is Siemens 828D . The proto type machine is now ready for any trial at our works in Mumbai.

Siemens 828D CNC Control.
No Need Of Indexing Plates.
Machine with Twin Spindle Adjustable Head.

HURTH ZK10 CNC 3-axes (2-axis + Spindle) Gear Chamfering & Deburring machine

Salient Features:

1. Variable traverse (X axis) of stroke length can be up to 100mm. It is servo driven and offer a high infeed accuracy.

2. Quill Stroke rates 1 to 170 rpm

3. CNC Indexing (C axis) offers better indexing accuracy. Further correction of indexing accuracy is possible from the input sheet.

4. Cutter spindle RPM limit increased to 3000 rpm and is variable.

5. The Knee table movement (In/out) setting is motorized.

6. The Automatic Job clamp/unclamp is available. Clamping is with push button and unclamping is programmable.

Technical Details:

Maximum work piece 400mm
Range of Module for Chamfering 1 to 12 module
No. of teeth 1 to 360 teeth
Cutter Spindle speeds variable up to 3000rpm
Quill strokes variable 120rpm at 8mm stroke length
Quill stroke length 100mm
Range of Motors

1. Servo Spindle Motor: SIEMENS 3-phase 415v, 3.7kw,1500rpm
2. X-axis (In-feed) Servo Motor: Siemens 3-phase 415v, 6nm, 3000rpm ( 1.5 Kw)
3. C-axis (Indexing) Servo Motor: Siemens 3-phase 415v, 6nm, 3000rpm ( 1.5Kw)
4. Head Setting Motor: 3-phase 415v 0.18kw, 1380rpm with reduction Gearbox .

Total connected load: 6.88KW
Overall Floor space: 1750x 2200mm, Height 1400mm
Approximate weight: 2200kg


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