SANJIA ZSK2304튜브 시트 드릴 (자동)

형태:튜브 시트 드릴 (자동)
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (siemens or fanuc)
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제어반:CNC (siemens or fanuc)

The ZSK2304 CNC high speed tube sheet drilling machine has the function of : gun drilling, reaming , serrating, milling, twist drilling and tapping. the detail function as bellow:
1. Machine Performance:
a. The Mastercam Software X7 SP2 is included and shall able to convert all data in but not limited to the following file extension such as DWG, DXF to be automatically converted into G-code for the CNC Program without necessary to manually key in all required output dimension
b. The drilling hole’s grade of precision: IT8 to IT10
c. Roughness(Ra): 3.2 to 1.6
d. Straightness: 1mm/ 1000mm
e. Drilling depth capability: 300-1000mm
f. The milling shall be able to work at horizontal, vertical, two (2) diagonals direction and also to do milling around the circle of the tube sheet for flange.
2. Machine Data:
a. Moveable Axis direction terminology:
i. X-Axis = Platform (moveable left and right horizontally)
ii. Y-Axis = Column (moveable top and down vertically)
iii. Z-Axis = Drilling head (moveable front and rear horizontally, vertically, 2 diagonals direction and round circle)
b. Size of work piece’s platform dimension:
i. Support base: 1200-2000mm
ii. Length: 2450mm
iii. Width: 2500mm
c. Platform travel (X-Axis): 2200mm
d. Beam/ or Column travel (Y-Axis): 2200mm
e. Spindle feed travel (Z-Axis): 300-1000mm
f. Rapid speed on X-Axis: 2000mm
g. Rapid speed on Y-Axis: 2000mm
h. Rapid speed on Z-Axis: 2000mm
i. Feeding speed on Z-Axis: 10 to 350mm/min, gun drill size: 6-40mm.
j. Depth of drilling: 300mm
k. Threading capability: M8 to M30
l. Variable speed of drilling: 200 RPM to 3000 RPM
m. Protection system: Auto-trip if over loaded in working.

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