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Available Immediately - Heavy Duty Underfloor Wheel Truing Lathe

Pre-owned (284 hours since it was installed new, in 1998) American Underfloor Wheel Truing Machine.

Machine configuration: underfloor pit-mounted dual Spindle milling machine, capable of simultaneously re-profiling both wheels of a railway wheel set using the axle centers as the machining reference point. It is capable of profiling wheel sets to necessary specifications for tape size, concentrically and plane dimensions in any of the following situations:

1- While the wheel set is under a locomotive, passenger or freight car, transit vehicle, or other rolling stock.
2- While the wheel sets are mounted in a truck.
3- While the wheel set is demount-ed as a single set.
The Machine will re-profile both wheels simultaneously to equal diameters, leaving a witness groove at the flange of the profile.
Both wheels of a wheel set will be finished automatically to the diameter that is required to clean up, while removing the minimum amount of metal possible.

Machine Specifications
Fabricated Beam Maximum Length 128 in. 3148 mm
C-Frame Maximum Width 245 in. 6315 mm
C-Frame Maximum Height 117 in. 2917.8 mm
Total Weight 45000 lbs. 19143.67 kg
Pit Dimensions
Length 325 in. 8574 mm
Width 315 in. 7947 mm
Depth 122 in. 3065 mm
General Specifications
Production Up to 10 wheel sets
per 8-hour shift
Diameter Accuracy +/- 0.020 in. +/- .5 mm
Eccentricity +/- 0.020 in. +/- .5 mm
Profile Accuracy +/- 0.010 in. +/- .25 mm
Surface Finish 200 RMS axially,
150 RMS on wheel circumference
Milling Cutter Speed 30 RPM
Hydraulic Centering Ram Force 6500 lbs. 2.9 kN
Hydraulic Hold-Down Force 15 tons 133 kN
Utility Requirements
Electrical Power 76 kW
Hydraulic Reservoir 90 US gallons 340.69 liters
Wheel Set Dimensions
Maximum Wheel Diameter 58 in. 1475 mm
Minimum Wheel Diameter 23 in. 585 mm
Maximum Axle Load 50 tons 445 kN

Specifications subject to verification

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