TECNO WASINO JD1스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계


Maximum swing dia. 9-27/32"
Nominal workpiec (D x L) 1" x 1"
Maximum workpiece diameter 1-1/2"
Maximum workpiece length 2"
Distance between centers -
Bar capacity 63/64" 1/2"
Main spindle headstock
Center height from floor 39"
Main spindle nose 100 (4) flat nose
Main spindle bore 1-3/4"
Main spindle front bearing ID 2-15/16"
Number of main spindle speeds Indinitely variable
Maximum main spindle speed Min-1 6000
Standard main spindle chuck Collet chuck SAD-25
Standard main spindle chuck bore 63/64"
Subspindle headstock
Subspindle nose AS2-50
Subspindle bore -
Subspindle front bearing ID 1-3/8"
Number of subspindle speeds Infinitely variable
Maximum subspindle speed Min-1 6000
Standard subspindle chuck Collet chuck TC-13
Standard supspindle chuck bore 1/2"
CNC feed axes
X-axis (cross slide) travel 3-1/8 + 3/16"
Z-axis (saddle) travel 4-15/16 + 3-3/4"
B-axis (subspindle) travel 9-27/32"
X-axis rapid traverse speed m/min. (fpm) 15 (49.2)
Z-axis rapid traverse speed m/min. (fpm) 15 (49.2)
B0axis rapid traverse speed m/min. (fpm) 15 (49.2)
Turret type 8-statoin drum
Number of attachable tools 8 pcs
Standard tool shank 25/32"
Boring tool shank diameter 1"
Maximum turret swing diameter 13"
Main spindle motor, cont./30min. 5/7.5 HP
Subspindle motor, cont./15 min. 0.75/1.5 HP

Dimensions of machine 51" x 50"
Height 70 - 7/8"
Machine gross weight 3300 lbs approx.
Mayfran chip conveyor
Assorted microcentric 3" dia. collets
Assorted feed tubes
Losma darwin 600 mist collector
3" Microcentric chuck 1-for main spindle,
1 - for sub spindle
Coolblaster high presure pump 1000 psi
NC bar 17 3ft bar feed
Fanuc series 21iTB control

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