This series machines are suitable for finely and roughly tuning cylinders, cone surface, end face ,rotary surface, and grooving, threading and drilling of the ferrous, nonferrous metal and some kinds of non-metal materials with hard-alloyed and porcelain tools under the control of CNC SIEMENS/FANUC system. The bed with tool posts and the bed loading workpieces are separated from each other fixed by set-over screws with space 500mm for each, so as to keep the geometric accuracy in long term. The headstock adopts through spindle with two supporting points whose max. speed is 160r/mm.The tool post and the feeding box are integrated structure. It is easy to operate for the shafts are distributed vertically in the feeding box, while the tool post is installed in the structure of double teeth bar eliminating slot, large worktable and suspension control buttons.


미터에 사양 변환
55.11 "
바 용량
10.23 "
61 hp
최대 RPM
160 rpm
터닝 직경
62.99 "
62.99 "
가공 길이
590.6 "
심 압대
라이브 공구
서브 스핀들
CNC (Siemens/Fanuc)

Max. swing diameter over bed mm 1600
Max. swing diameter over tool post mm 1250
Max. length between centers mm 15000
Max. workpiece weight ton 32
Width of guideways mm 1600
Tool post cross travel mm 800
Tool post longidutinal travel mm 15000
Tool post rapid speed (cross) mm/min 3000
Tool post rapid speed (longidutinal) mm/min 3000
Spindle front bearing inner diameter mm 260
Spindle speed rpm 10~160
Chuck diameter mm 1400
Tailstock quill diameter mm 300
Tailstock quill travel mm 300
Main motor power kw 45
Cross feeding motor power kw 4.5
Longidutinal feeding motor power kw 7.5
Tailstock motor power kw 1.5
Lubrication motor power kw 0.55

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