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Amada Turret Punch Press, EMK 3610NT


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33 T
#터렛 스테이션


Built-in Microprocessor - Standard software included for programming a comprehensive set of
patterns used in punching, nibbling, and notching operations.

Diagnostic System - Extensive diagnostic system indicates programming errors and pinpoints
machine and control malfunctions.

On Screen G-Code Simulator - See the part before it is punched

Intelligent Turret Set up- Input tool locations and angles, clamp positions

Job Scheduler- Specifiy Job Order and Quantities

Stripping Sensor - Automatically halts machine operation if tool does not strip.

Automatic Repositioning - Heavy duty work holders secure material during repositioning.

Sheet Jam Detector

Metric or inch dimensional programming.

Precision ground recirculating ball lead screws for X and Y Axis.

Crash proof clamp sensors.

Hardened and ground turret index pins and bushings.

Safety interlocks and overrun protectors with all step control prevents accidents.

Air Blow Tooling

58 Station 4 Auto Index Thick Turret

Brush Table

Capacity: 33 tons
Sheet Size: 98.425" x 60"
Largest Punched Hole: 4 1/2"
Number of Turret Stations: 58 Station 4 Auto-Index
Feed Clearance: .984"
Stroke Length: 1.45 Max
X/Y Hits Per Min .039 pitch .197" stroke: X=780 HPM, Y=515 HPM
X/Y Hits Per Min. 1" centers .197" stroke: X=500 HPM, Y=380 HPM
X/Y Hit Rate Marking: X=1800 HPM, Y830 HPM
Linear Positioning Speed: X=3937 IMP, Y=3150 IPM
Control Model: Fanuc AMCF-F (NT)
Drive motors: AC Servo
Smallest Programmable Increment: .001"

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