모델:CUT 20P
형태:와이어 EDM
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (SGI)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


X-축 이동:350.5 mm
Y-축 이동:248.9 mm
Z-축 이동:248.9 mm
자동나사 내기(예/아니오):Yes
제어반:CNC (SGI)

Key Points

* Windows XP control delivers efficiency through simple, easy to use setup and programming displays. The control architecture is designed specifically for EDM users that do not have the time or resources to become wire EDM Experts. It's the perfect choice for standard wire EDM needs.
* IPG-V Generator utilizes Swiss design and technology and delivers a finer spark gap for better part geometry and surface finish.
* Low-maintainence, reliable automatic wire threading system boosts autonomy and reduces operating cost.
* Machine is equipped with .010" wire guides. Wire guides are also available in .006", .008" and .012". Additionally, a .004" wire kit can be purchased.
* With the integrated SF module, surface finishes of 0.25 Ra can be obtained.
* Intuitive multi-function handbox for set up functions, axis movements, cycle start/stop and emergency stop.
* Solid Structure for reliable operation. The T-shaped cast iron base frame permits the loading of larger workpieces without comprimising accuracy.
* Four sided hardened table with universal clamping frame.
* The X and Y axis incorporates linear scales and encoders to ensure greater positioning accuracy and repeatability.
* AC Cam Easy on-board CAM system provides an easy and convenient way to generate 2D geometries for erosion.
* Full time collision protection on the X,Y and Z-axis prevents damage in the event of an accidental movement on to the work piece.


Performance has never been so easy!

The GF AgieCharmilles CUT 20P wire EDM system combines the fast metal removal rates of the proven GF AgieCharmilles IPG-V generator with low hourly operating costs and an intuitive, easy to use control.