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위치:South Carolina
₩1,712,025.00 KRW


The Ultra-Line is a lightweight portable carriage designed for cutting applications in a small metal fabricating operation or supplementing heavier equipment in larger plants, shipyards, or mills. The Ultra-Line’s ease of use and dependability are derived from features such as:

Solid State Control
Convenient, Easily Accessible Controls
Speed Range of 3 - 110 IPM (76 - 2794 mm/min)
Sturdy One-Piece Housing of Cast Aluminum
Knurled Drive Wheels for Positive Traction
Six Foot Track Lengths
Extensive Variety of Accessory Equipment for Expanded Capability
Standard 115/220 VAC 50/60 Hz Power Source
The operator controls for the Ultra-Line are mounted on the carriage, within arms reach, and include the following:

Controls power distribution to the machine. Jog is momentary for positioning to start out.
Selects direction of machine travel.
Speed Control
Adjusts speed of machine travel within a range of 3 - 110 IPM (76 - 2794 mm/min).
Clutch Lever
Engages or disengages the drive mechanism.
Provides electrical component protection via a 1 amp slow blow fuse.

The Ultra-Line’s one-piece aluminum housing measures 16 inches long (406 mm), 7 1/4 inches wide (184 mm) and 5 3/4 inches high (146 mm) without torch rigging. Weight is approximately 22 lbs. (9.98 kgm) without accessories. Using an OXWELD oxy/fuel-gas machine cutting torch, the Ultra-Line can cut plate up to 4 inches thick (101.6 mm). With an accessory heat shield, the Ultra- Line can cut material up to 6 inches thick (152 mm). With Solid State Control, no “warm-up time” is required to start carriage travel. The carriage is driven by a reversible DC motor with built-in solid state speed regulation


light weight, portable straight line cutting for heavy duty applications

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