KALTENBACH KKS-401NA2000원형 콜드 톱

형태:원형 콜드 톱
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최대 블레이드 직경:406.4 mm

Blade Capacity: 400mm Diameter (15 3/4") Standard, 425mm (16 3/4") Opt.
Speed Rate of Saw Blade: 0-1200 mm/min (0-47.244 in/mm)
Cutting Speed with 400mm Blade Diameter (two stepped with chain): 15/30
M/MIN (60/120 F/MIM),Available Speeds: 10/20 M/MTN & 13/26 M/MIN
Capacities with 400mm Blade Diameter at 90 Degrees: Round 5.1", Square 4.7",
Flat 9.4" X 2"
Capacities with 425mm Blade Diameter at 90 Degrees: Round 5,5", Square 5.1",
Flat 9.4" X 2.7"
Programmable Mitre: Infinitely Variable +/- 60 Degrees (You must first buy mitre board from Kaltenbach)
Automatic Bar Feed Stroke: 2,000mm (78.74")
Maximum Per Stroke Programmable Length: 9.999mm (393.66")
Maximum Traverse Rate: 30 M/MIN (120 F/MIN)
Automatic "Bundle Type" Magazine Material Loader
Material Discharge by Quick Output Gripper then to Powered Roller Conveyor
with CNC Preselect Sorting of Parts
Machine Specifications Were Taken From Manuals
Provided With The Machine And Should Be Verified By
Motor: 1.7/2.6 KW, Electrics: 460 Volts 3ph
There are Manuals Including ,Installation, Operation, Service and Electrical Sections
Machine was bought new for approximately $300,000.00.

***(At this time we would allow a discount to cover miter board plus some installation and training costs to be negoiated)


cnc fully programmable automatic extra long 80" per stroke, programmable mitering available from Kaltenbach (see spec sheet), 0-1200 mm/min, cap. approx. 5" round, when new $300k, very negotiable, must move, best buy on the market

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