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최대 블레이드 직경:558.8 mm
치수:36 x 120 x 75"

used Trennjaeger Longitudinal Circular Cold Saw

Model PMC 8/36-48

Designed for longitudinal and cross cutting of steel sections, plates and bar grating in straight and miter cuts.
Machine capacities are: 8x 24” or 4½ x 36” or 48” (height x width).

· Machine stand of solid steel construction.
· Planed machine table of high tensile strength steel.
· Cutting head unit adjustable dovetail guides.
· Gear box with large helical hardened gears.
· For segmental circular cold saw blade of 560mm (22”) and 660mm (26”) diameter.
· Fixture for chip remover.
· Adjustable blade stabilizer.
· Centralized lubrication system for guide tracks of cutting head carriage.
· Two speed drive motor 3.3/4.0 HP, 1500/3000 RPM, with Vee belt step pulley for 6 saw blade periphery speeds 48/96, 60/120, 75/150 ft/min.
· Thermo-magnetic motor protection switch.
· Complete hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic motor, 1.5 HP, 1500 RPM, pump, pressure gauge and thermo-magnetic motor protection switch.
· Complete coolant system with 0.22 HP motor and pump.
· Manual control valves for saw feed and vertical and horizontal clamping.
· Two vertical clamping cylinders with 12” stroke, adjustable longitudinally.
· All hydraulic and electrical installations are easily accessible.
· Built-in tool and electrical cabinets.
· Machine finish - gray.
· Operation voltage: 220 or 440 Volts, 60 cycle. Please Specify

Delivery: from stock, subject to prior sale
Terms: cash before removal

PRICE: F.O.B. Aurora, IL36” $18,500.00 Extended 48” $21,500.00
2 Extra Clamps and Gantry with flow divider $5000.00
Acculube Coolant System $750.00


Extended version of PMC-8 for Bar Grating. 4 1/2" x 36" Capacity 48" available

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