JMT PBH100앵글 벤딩 롤

형태:앵글 벤딩 롤
조건:새로운에서 주식
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허용각도:101.6 mm
허용각도:101.6 mm
허용각도:12.7 mm
파이프 용량:101.6 mm
동력:11.2 kW

Shaft Diameters 4.3"
Roll Diameters 12.4"
Motor Power 15 HP
Turning Speed 0 - 26 FPM
Dimensions 69" L x 53" W x 65" H
Weight 7392 lbs.

• 1 set of standard Universal, hardened and ground rolls (special steel)
• All 3 rolls Driven
• 3-axis side supports with hydraulic forward-backward movement and mechanical up-down and right-left movement
• Forward and back movement of lateral guide rolls are made hydraulically (Thrust )
• Side supports are suitable for angle iron bending
• Adjustable turning speed
• Portable control panel
• Horizontal and Vertical operation
• Body constructed of stress-relieved steel
• Overload protection on hydraulic and electrical systems
• Bottom rolls hydraulically adjust with 2 digital readouts

• Special rolls for tubes, profiles, bar/angles, etc.
• Rolls and toolings for hardway beam/channel bending
• Hydraulic control of lateral guide rolls in additional 2 axes (Translation / Radial )
• Digital readout for side supports
• NC control system – with fully hydraulic 3-axis side supports
• CNC control system
• Special apparatus to prevent deformation on U-I-H bending
• Spiral bending apparatus


4 x 4 x 1/2" Hydraulic angle roll

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