ROWE코일 피드라인

형태:코일 피드라인
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최대 코일 무게:4,535.9 kg
최대 코일 폭:762 mm
최대 코일 직경:1,524 mm
최대 두께:2.794 mm

(1) Used 10,000 Lb. ROWE Servo Feed Line,
New 1982

ROWE Motorized Uncoiler, Model 10030-DSL, S/N 25364
Maximum Coil Weight:10,000 Lbs.
Maximum Coil Diameter:60"
Maximum Coil Width:30"
Range of Coil Inside Diameter:15-3/4" – 20-1/4"
Speed:12 RPM
Motor:1.5 HP 440V 3/60
Overall Dimensions (Approx.):96" x 54" x 84" H
Weight (Est.):5000 Lbs.

Equipped With:

4-Arm Mandrel
Electric Clutch and Brake w/ Rheostat Controls
Manual Expansion of Mandrel

ROWE Straightening Machine, Model C3-30, S/N 25353
Straightening Capacity - Maximum:. 150"
 - Minimum:.020"
Maximum Stock Width:30"
Number of Rolls:7 (3 over 4)
Diameter of Rolls:3-1/2"
Speed:10' – 160' / Min.
Motor:10 HP 440V 3/60
Overall Dimensions (Approx.):68" L-R x 60" F-B x 80" H
Weight (Est.):6,000 Lbs.

Equipped With:

Entry and Exit Pinch Rolls
Pneumatic Coil Breaker
Manual Adjustment of Rolls

ROWE Servo Feed, Model FDCOS34.30, S/N 25358
Maximum Stock Width:30"
Maximum Stock Capacity:.110"
Oscillation Option

F.O.B. Chicago, IL