WILLEMIN W-418 B수직 머시닝 센터 (5 축 이상)

모델:W-418 B
형태:수직 머시닝 센터 (5 축 이상)
조건:중고 - 우수
환불 정책:있는 그대로
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$20,000.00 USD


X:19.6 "
Y:9.84 "
Z:15.74 "
동력:9 hp
분당 회전속도:50 rpm
# ATC:48
치수:87”LR x 103.14”FB x 96.85”H
무게:5,830 Lbs
제어반:CNC (GE Fanuc 15-MB CNC)

(1) Used Willemin Model W-418 B CNC 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center, New 1998 - loaded with extras.

X-Axis 19.6” / 500mm
Y-Axis 9.84” / 250mm
Z-Axis 15.74” / 400mm
B-Axis (Head) 110 Degrees
C-Axis ITable) 360 Degrees
Spindle with Built in Motor:
Tool Taper ISO 25
Power 9 HP/6.6 kW
Speeds 50 - 18,000 RPM (Option)
Torque 37 Nm
Feeds and Feed Forces:
X - Y - Z Rapids 787 IPM / 29 m/min.
Thrust 5000 N
Axes Drives AC Motor
Rotary Table C-Axis:
Torque 55 Nm
Holding brake 500 Nm
Table Dimension 7” Diameter / 180mm Diameter
Speed 50 RPM
Spindle B-Axis Swiveling ( 0 - 110 Degrees):
Torque 300 Nm
Holding Brake 800 Nm
Speed 40 RPM
Tool Magazine:
Number of Tools 48
Speed 30 RPM
Time for Tool to Tool Change 1 Second
Time from Chip to Chip 5 Seconds
X - Y - Z Travels 0,001 mm
C - B Moves 0,001 Degree
Machine Weight 5830 Lbs. or 2650 kg.
Machine Dimensions: 87”LR x 103.14”FB x 96.85”H
2210mm LR x 2620mm FB x 2460mm HT.

Equipped With:
GE Fanuc 15-MB CNC Control with CRT
Memory Size - 2Mb
Baud Rate - 19,200
Rigid Tapping
Coolant System
Central Lubrication
Misc. Box of Toolholders

Machine Dimensions: 87” L-R X 103.14” F-B x 96.85” Ht or 2210mm L-R x 2620mm F-B x 2460mm HT.

Note: New Spindle within the last 48 months or less. Very low hours since the install, due to work transfer to a higher automation solution.

Click on or paste the link below to see an under power video:

Specifications and Equipment are Preliminary, Subject to Buyer Verification.


Willemin W-418 B, 5-Axis, GE Fanuc 15-MB CNC Control wit CRT, 19.6" X, 9.84"-Y, 15.74"-Z, Tool Taper ISO 25, 9 HP, 50-18,000 RPM (Option) Spindle Rebuilt in 2008, New 1998.

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