BURCO SW-2603E-2

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    1.25 "
    2,600 A
  • 제품 개요

    The newest generation of our most powerful stud welder. State-of-the-art self-contained stud welding power unit with fully controlled thyristor bridge

  • 회사 소개
    Burco Welding

    Burco Welding & Cutting Products was incorporated in 1989 and was the Welding Products Division of the Burlington Compressor Co. (Burco, Inc.) Burco, Inc. dates its beginning to 1966. Today, Burco Welding & Cutting Products is comprised of three divisions: --BURCO/KOCO® Stud Welding Equipment --BURCO/MOSA® Engine-Driven Welders/Generators --BURCO/CEBORA® Electric Welding Machines

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