GENX 4318B

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    14 "
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    Acu-Rite Quadra-Chek 4200 PC. Self programming, full geometric tolerancing, CAD interface, zoom in/out, color coded pass/fail, form indication, linear error correction, unlimited feature storage, polar/cartesion coordinates, data export, inc/mm conversion, group tolerance, full part programming, skew/datum command, axis presets, feature creation, mouse driven w/pulldown menus, up to 100 points allowable per feature, data export, real-time SPC, part view printout.

  • 회사 소개
    GENX Corporation

    Formerly Covel/Clausing, GENX has been manufacturing 14" horizontal beam optical comparators since 1955, and has sold over 80,000 machines worldwide. We stock replacement parts and accessories for all Covel/Clausing and GENX comparators, all of which are 100% manufactured in the United States of America!

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