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    Designed with precision strength and overall durability, The JMT-PBH125 gives you a hydraulic controlled machine with 3 powerful, steel hardened rolls. It has a spacious 5.5” top shaft diameter and planetary bottom rolls of 4.7”. The PBH125 is capable of creating a minimal 36” diameter with a 3 x 3” solid square. This low-cost, easy to operate angle roll machine is just what you need to bring down costs in your business and create an extensive range of perfectly accurate profiles.

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    Finding the right metalworking machine for your business or project is easy with JMT USA! We offer a wide variety of metalworking and fabricating machines to complete any bending, forming, or rolling application. We have built custom projects for world class projects including SpaceX. JMT USA provided the high grade press brakes, angle rolls, and plate rolls used to fabricate the rockets and space vehicles for SpaceX. Our high quality machine tools and complete service make JMT USA the best choice for all of your fabrication machining needs.

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