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    8 "
    1 "
    245″ L x 205″ W x 170″ H
    171960 (LBS)
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    Our JMT-PBH600 is the largest angle roller that we provide, everything about this machine has been maximized to make it stronger, faster and even more efficient. A hydraulic system gives you all the benefits of low-cost operation with smooth control lateral guide rolls and automatic speed adjustment. Our largest shaft diameter yet gives you 14.96” with a roll diameter of 31.5”. This machine also gives you the minimal internal diameter of 51 3/16” for Angle Leg-out measuring 7 7/8 x 1”. For super-sized projects, the PBH600 angle roll delivers all the heavy-weight assistance you could possibly need.

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    Finding the right metalworking machine for your business or project is easy with JMT USA! We offer a wide variety of metalworking and fabricating machines to complete any bending, forming, or rolling application. We have built custom projects for world class projects including SpaceX. JMT USA provided the high grade press brakes, angle rolls, and plate rolls used to fabricate the rockets and space vehicles for SpaceX. Our high quality machine tools and complete service make JMT USA the best choice for all of your fabrication machining needs.

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