PRECITEC MH-53-0-152.4

  • 투기
    미터에 사양 변환
    분당 회전속도
    3000 rpm
  • 제품 개요

    CNC Multi Spindle Drill is designed for high performance using throw away carbide inserts. Rigidly constructed using Modular Concepts, drilling can be carried out without the need for jig Piates.This results in reduced operational costs. It is specially suited for jobs like Wheel Discs, Brake Drums, Valve Bodies and generally jobs requiring multiple Drilling, Reaming, Chamfering operations on the top surface. Using specially designed lob holding devices and automatic loading and unloading device equipment, extremely high production rates can be achieved.

  • 회사 소개
    Precitec Precision Machineries Pvt Ltd.

    Precitec is 35 Year old company specializing in Design and manufacture of Special machines, Machine tools, Design services. Precitec serves various industries and segments like automobile component manufacture, assembly lines, Heavy Engineering industries, Onsite machining, Machine Builders etc...

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