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    General Capacity
    Max. travel (cross x longitudinal) 1400x4150mm
    Wheel bottom to table (Vertical Head) 0-750mm
    Spindle center height from table approx. 1100mm
    Max height from table top to bottom of standard wheel 845mm
    Grinding surface of table 1200x4000mm
    Longitudinal Movement
    Hydraulic table speed 2-25(1-25)m/min
    Cross Movement
    Clearance between the columns 1400mm
    Intermittent cross feed-approx.(Electro-mechanical) 0.1-35mm/feed
    Continuous cross feed-approx.(Electro-mechanical) 3000mm/min
    Hand feed per revolution 10mm
    Hand feed per division 0.05mm
    Vertical Downfeed
    Rapid traverse approx.(option) 250mm/min
    Hand feed per division MPG 0.001mm
    Grinding Wheel
    Dimension(O.D x W x I.D) 510x100x203mm
    Spindle speed(50/60Hz) 1150 r.p.m.
    Horizontal head spindle motor 11(15,18.5)kW/15(20,25)HP
    Vertical head spindle motor 7.5kW/10HP
    Hydraulic motor 13kW/15HP
    Net weight 37500kg
    Gross weight 42000kg
    Machine Size
    Dimension (L x W x H) (m) 11.2x2.9x3.5

    Straightness of table movement in longitudinal direction 0.02mm/m.
    Straightness of table movement in transverse direction 0.02mm/m.
    The surfaces of longitudinal table ways are all hand scraped to getting perfect contact pattern
    and to ensure very high accuracy.
    Longitudinal table ways are designed to have slide surfaces longer than that of the working surface and equal to the table length to keep the table free from torsion and deflection(except PSGS series).

  • 회사 소개

    PROTH is a leading surface grinding manufacturer for more than 30 years in Taiwan. We have developed and pioneered a whole line of surface grinders including the small saddle type, the medium column, large double column type and rotary type which have been widely acclaimed by domesfic and oversea users. We also developed vertical grinding machines for I.D., O.D. and end-face for your workpieces.

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