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    as a manufacturer & exporter of abrasive brushes for antique stone in china, yidic (xiamen) co., ltd. offers the brushes in terms with competitive price and controls the quality strictly. our brushes are widely used in producing of antique stone and stones retreading. commodities in terms we offered: frankfurt abrasive brushes are used in handed and automatic grinding machine. fickert abrasive brushes are used in granite automatic grinding line. snail lock abrasive brushes used in side grinding machine and step retreading machine. round with screw abrasive brushes, with diam.110mm ma14/ ma16 screw, are used in handed grinding machine. diam.200mm/diam.250mm round abrasive brushes are used in stone industrial polishing lines. each kind of brush include eleven filaments: stainless steel, steel+36#, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 180#, 240#, 320#, and 500#. we also supply special brushes, roll, wheel for customers required. the character of yidic abrasive brushes: a. the filaments colors of coterminous/neighborly grits mesh are different, much easier to distinguish. b. the first four arts brushes; filaments are straight, more wearable; others are light curving, better temper. c. newly recommend you the nylon and stainless steel brushes. it's more efficient. d. more dense filaments of frankfurt and diam.200mm round abrasive brushes, more serviceable.

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