Behringer Saws, Inc.


Behringer Saws is the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, high performance horizontal bandsawing machines, plate saws and power hack saws. behringer offers cost-effective, easy-to-use, superior saws designed to cut ferrous and non-ferrous plates, tubes, profiles, and solids.

Behringer horizontal bandsaws employ a unique, parallel down-feed design that is far superior to the industry's conventional swing-frame and vertical systems. This design insures that the sawblade is kept parallel to the material being cut.

Further benefits of the horizontal down-feed system are shorter cutting paths, longer blade life, short remnant lengths, constant removal rate and equal weight force throughout the entire cutting cycle.

Behringer fully-hydraulic horizontal bandsaw systems are capable of cutting squares and rounds up to 102". Saws are offered in automatic, semi-automatic and computer-numerical-control (CNC) models. Behringer also offers saws capable of mitre cuts from 45° left to 60° right (105° total).

Behringer has spent many years designing, perfecting and improving their products and now truly believes there are no better bandsaws, hacksaws or plate saws available anywhere.