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Demag Top Riding Double Girder Bridge Crane 25 Ton x 50'


Basic Information
Manufacturer: Demag
Serial #: 75066
Location: Painesville, OH
Year Built: -

Capacity: 25 Ton
Bridge Span: 50'
Max. Height Under Hook (Lift): 25'
Hoist Drive: 12.5/3 FPM
Hoist Motor: 25/6 HP (2 Speed)
Trolley Drive: 80/20 FPM
Trolley Motor: 1.2/.3 HP
Bridge Drive: 160/40 FPM
Bridge Motor: 2- 2.5/.5 HP Dual Drive
Voltage: 460 Three Phase 60 HTZ

Equipped with
- Pendant Control
- NOTE: On the Ground and Ready to Load- No Charge To Load Out

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