Norman Machine Tool Ltd.

Norman Machine Tool Ltd.
1311 S. Ponca St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
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we are a distributor of a large variety of machine tools, accessories, and shop-related equipment. we offer both computer controlled and conventional machine tools by a multitude of manufacturers. in this way we are able to accommodate the most discriminating as well as the budget conscious customer.

by approaching sales with a problem solving / solution oriented strategy, we are able to provide the proper machine tools for the specific application.

our company has been in business since 1955 and currently owns 30,000 square feet of office / warehouse space centrally located in south baltimore, maryland, u.s.a. within our facility we stock a large inventory of both new and used machine tools and accessories. as an old line distributor, service is a key strong point. we operate our own machine shop for repairs and employ qualified service technicians with a combined 55 years of experience.

norman machine tool's goal is to serve our customers; therefore, we offer outstanding service, as well as competitive pricing, to support our ambition and you. we hope we can be of service to you.