Automation Consultants

Automation Consultants
4491 Foskuhl Rd.
Floyds Knobs, Indiana 47119
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automation consultants was started to supply service and applications support for computerized numerical control (cnc) equipment. there is a nationwide shortage of quality service and applications engineers. many companies have found that retaining these people can be very expensive. this is very true if the need for them is intermittent. we have put together a group of factory trained contractors each of which is a specialist in their field. this gives us a wide area of coverage that we can present to you. we can supply you with help on an as needed basis for emergency or contract service at a rate that would be considerably less then retaining a full time staff.
we are currently providing this service to end users, machine tool distributors and original equipment manufacturers. our job is to make the machine you have do its job and do it well. we can provide the solutions you need.