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    Remote Package chiller System:

    Aqua Products Company, Inc. DCR is a remote package chiller with tank and pump which does not include a condensing unit and is designed for most applications that require water temperatures from 44° to 85°F degrees.

    Aqua Products Company, Inc. DCR is the ideal choice for many applications such as, Dry Cleaning, Data Centers, Air Conditioning, Medical and many more.

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    Aqua Products Company, Inc.

    Aqua Products Company, Inc was incorporated May of 1993 and is considered by many the finest manufacturer of superior quality, smaller tonnage chiller systems from 2 to 25 tons. Aqua Products Company, Inc is the frontrunner building the best chillers for many applications, such as: dry cleaning chillers, medical chillers, brewery chillers, bakery chillers, winery chillers, restaurant chillers, marine chillers, potable water chillers, air conditioning chillers, plastics chillers and many more.

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