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    The industrial wastewater treatment systems developed by Arbortech are well-suited to all industries and applications where water is contaminated or altered through its use in some type of process. These may include refinery/petro plants, nuclear power plants, chemical development, food and beverage, mining, metalworking plant, manufacturing plants and metal rolling mills, and paper/cardboard manufacting. The levels of contamination, and the size or type of particle to be filtered out of the wastewater, can vary greatly, so it is important to choose the treatment system with the proper capabilities and methods. Arbortech's industrial wastewater treatment system experts are prepared to assist you with the specifics to ensure the safety and compliance of your operation.

    Typical industrial wastewater treatment operations can remove large or small solid particles as well as molecules. Other wastewater treatment methods include oil/water separation, heavy metal removal, slurry treatment, and chemical treatment. Our industrial wastewater treatment systems can be developed to include the reclamation/recovery process as well as the filtration and treatment steps.

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    Arbortech Corporation designs, manufactures and services state-of-the-art equipment and systems that filter(s) liquid streams for: Recycling water based cleaning solutions End of pipe wastewater treatment applications Arbortech has a long track record helping companies recycle their in-process cleaners, protecting their bottom-line dollars and so much more – like the environment! Consider these quotes from actual case studies of satisfied customers with processes just like yours.

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