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While many of our product lines are designed to fit a
wide variety of parts, we still see the need for more flexibility and options for our clients. That is why we have created the AV-R100 Series Robotic Inspection Systems.
The AV-R100 Series is the best of both worlds. It allows us to combine multiple processes into a single solution.
Using many different types of robotics, this machine
series allows us to provide a solution to the toughest
issues our clients run into.

Attica Automation

Hakkında Attica Automation

Here at Attica Automation, we pride ourselves in solving the toughest inspection and sorting problems that the average inspection systems cannot handle. Our patented, unique approach to material handling and custom optics allows us to surpass the competition in not only speed and accuracy, but also in the versatility that is highly demanded in today's business environment. We do not believe in a "one solution fits all" approach in the inspection industry. Our systems are engineered to utilize the latest technology in machine vision, laser, and eddy current instrumentation along with the right material handling methods to provide the best possible solution for your inspection and sorting needs. With several styles and systems, available, Attica Automation is capable of being your "one stop" solution provider for inspection and sorting equipment.


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