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    4.724 "
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    6.299 "
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    Dot peen marking on anodized aluminium, burnished metals, paper, ceramic, ebony, wood, metals and alloys, hard plastics, polycarbonate, silice, painted and glass

    marking area 120x160mm
    Portable kit with two ergonomic handles, one with the start marking trigger. Adjustable dstandoff with 4 magnets
    Two available, universal controllers: AC500 touch screen 7" full optional - graphic to navigate easily with just the touch of a pen or finger. The AC250 is the cost effective version
    AC500 / AC250 intuitive software to navigate from feature to feature to create your marking patterns and the preview
    Marking technology: vibrating for fast and high quality marking and controlled dot for highly defined deep marking.

    Peens in 3dot, 6dot, 12dot, 18dot, 3xl dot, 6xl dot

    3vibro, 4vibro

    Available in two models: pneumatic air drive with spring return or full electric

  • Şirket hakkında

    Manufacturer of marking machines. from hand punches up to lasers

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