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    13.39 "
    Alan İşaretleme
    13.39 "
  • Ürüne Genel Bakış

    Class 1 laser system, benchtop model, with

    Available standard laser sources:
    aWaveTM for marking most of the materials. This is a cost effective laser system
    IVO4 for marking alloys and metals, anodized, painted surfaces and some plastics non-transparent
    Intra for marking transparent plastics
    CO2 for marking organic materials and plastics
    Green for marking plastics

    Software Genius easy to learn, multilingual, many laser parameters to meet all marking requests:
    Serial numbers, texts – arc text – with full TTF compatibility,
    Basic geometrical figures , shift and data codes in different formats,
    Barcodes and 2D/Datamatrix
    Dxf – wmf – plt – emf and Raster import
    Connection via Ethernet

    Benchtop structure with big inspection window to check the marking area
    without exposing the operator to any laser danger
    Loading area 340x340mm standard – different measures on request
    Command box with the laser main commands Start/Stop
    Manual Zeta with 200mm

  • Şirket hakkında

    Manufacturer of marking machines. from hand punches up to lasers

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